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People have a lot of diseases are due to the body caused by accumulation of excessive toxins, in order to maintain a strong function of the body. you must flush the toxins from the body, remove the  harmful substances, waste and excess nutrients to keep the five internal organs and body clean.  Have you bring to effect of detox diet? See below who is most awesome!

Common detoxification, detox foods include:
fungus, pig blood, green beans, honey.
These cheap food have the most significant and the effect to detoxification.
1) Fungus grows in shady moist environment, traditional Chinese doctors deem that it can reinforce qi blood circulation, cooling moisture, can eliminate toxic heat in the blood. In addition, the fungus and pig blood had a strong role of lubricate bowel, regular consumption can be eliminate the most gut toxins out of the body.
Green bean, sweet and cold, there are detoxification, diuretic and refreshing thirst quenching effect.
Honey, eaten raw can get rid of burn feeling inside your body; eaten warm can slipping your intestines, detoxification, release your pain and other functions.
eggplant 2) eggplant: "Shuangda eggplant" is a good drug  prescription and non prescription medicine in many, often using the "settle old eggplant", "Shuangda eggplant." More and more evidence that the eggplant has anti-cancer function. Extracted from the eggplant test had a non-toxic substances for the treatment of gastric cancer, cervical cancer received good effect. In addition, eggplant contains solanine, cucurbitacin, Stachydrine, choline, basil glycosides, saponins and other alkaloids in eggplant color substances, including solanine, a cucurbitacin proven cancer-fighting ability, eggplant flowers, pedicle eggplant, tomato root, tomato sauce are all good medicine, there is the ancient root of the treatment of cancer with eggplant. Eggplant is also rich in nutrients, except vitamin A, C is low, the other vitamins and minerals is almost similar with the tomatoes, and protein and calcium or even three times higher than the tomatoes.
苦瓜3) Bitter Melon: people are treated in the polarization, many people are "good" this one, it was from it. But it really "good status" is Ming Dynasty physician Li Shi Zhen, he referred to as "first-class melon" is a rare cancer melon. Western medicine is more proof, anti-cancer effects comes from a bitter quinine type protein, it is an activity of immune cells can activate the protein by immune cells to do "secondary", the cancer cells or other abnormal cells to kill . Bitter gourd seeds contain a protease inhibitor, can inhibit tumor cell secretion of protease, thereby inhibiting cancer cell invasion and metastasis. 
海带 4) Kelp: can prevent breast cancer and thyroid cancer medicine seaweed called "kelp".Kelp is rich in iodine, can prevent the "big neck" disease. kelp selectively kill or inhibit the intestinal bacteria to produce carcinogens, which contain fiber also promote excretion of bile acids and cholesterol; seaweed extract on various cancer cells direct inhibition.
地瓜5)Sweet potato: gradually being forgotten, many people no longer eat sweet potatoes.
However, sweet potato: alias potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, is considered to be illnesses and sickness, a great weight loss health food. In fact, sweet potatoes, also has a powerful anti-cancer function. Recently scientists found in sweet potatoes, a dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) material, it can prevent colon cancer and breast cancer.


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