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Learning English:

English to English. You will leaned a lot more beyond there lessons. .... the culture, the fashion, the sport and so on.
CCTV English:
Mark Rowswell, he speak very good in Chiness, and teaches a lot about Chiness culture, landmark, garden, and key point of interest.
CCTV English:
Chinese to English,Families English. It best if you want to learning Chinese from very beginning or it good for children learning Chinese and English simultaneously, have double efficiency.
Teacher Wu:
Chinese to English, focus on grammar. Teach us step by step learning grammars.
Learning English online, it's very good courses to learn.
American Idioms: Not only idioms, there are more.
English Club:
Grammar and quizzes.
Learning English:
Videos by Mister Duncan, he taught us on how we say in the daily life in 60 lessons.

Learning Chiness:

Kids Learning:

Chiness and English, childen can learning English while they learning Chiness, so is adult.



Don't count your chickens. 别高兴的太早

Come off it. 别瞎说了

Put your money where your mouth is.( 别说大话 )说道做到

money talks 有钱能使鬼推磨

money is power 金钱万能