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Way to make money

I'd like to talking a bit of major steps here for the website beginner who might not familiar with those things.

  1. Definitely you need Gmail address, I think most people knew how to do it, just go to google and appliy it. Write down what  you fill out.
  2. Launch a blog
    Go to, use Gmail information you were used to login, and then follow the instruction to finish it.
  3. Google AdSense is free
    Go to sign up a account.
  • Contents make money
    You should make a website with concise subject. Clear content are a vital ingredient of a successful website. If your site is talk about food, then don't talk about somethings esls.
  • Search for subject
    Find out what is hottest subject, which one is less talked, you do don't want to create a website that thousands already there.
  • Find out what is best for you - your strongpoint
    What is you familiar with, what is you good at. If you have interest on it, your site will be best, because you love to make it the best.
  • Remember keep your audiences stay longer
    Your subject should be unique, special, and motived. The search engine loves something that is idiographic. If something you made yourself that's has to be unique.
  • Join forums
    Exposure your sit, asking and answer, left your link.
  • Search for keyword (meta)
    Keyword is important; to let search engine looking for you, you have to write excellent keywords on the top of the page under the <head> tag, you write better keyword and description AdSense will then do other things for you.
  • When you pages gradually maturity
    Submit it to these big site like MSN, Google, etc.

Well, those are basic steps of how to make money with your website. Hope those gave you a concept of website, blog, forum and how they work together.
When the first time I looked at google, I think it's great, there are much more to see, to learn, and to experiences, didn't know where to start it. Now you see, only those steps, of course, there much more you have to learn. So, go for it. let us know , how it's going.